In Season 6 we saw poor Shio-chan lose her heart to the nasty Queen of Heartless, Kairi, who whisked her away to the land of Fantasy.

Kosho and her brave and loyal congoers had to muster up their courage and go in after their beloved Shio! But, Shio had become a Heartless, and was no longer the bright, happy congirl we loved. She had become a dark, evil queen in the land of Fantasy, and employed 8 dark generals to stop Kosho in her quest.

The generals, each holding a piece of Queen Shio’s heart, had challenges for Kosho and her congoers. They proved formidable indeed, as the generals TROUNCED the congoers, with only 2 of the 7 challenges having been beaten.

Shio’s heart unrestored, she faded away into nothingness and ceased to exist in the world. But she didn’t just disappear… She was wiped from reality itself.