Shio and Kosho could now finally step into the tall grass of World Conquest with their recently reacquired magical animal mascot Shoyu! Right? Wait.. Where’d he go??

Shoyu took off running and led the girls further into the grass, where they fell into a hole. A PLOT HOLE to another world where nothing made sense! An Anime Wonderland, created by all the plot holes of the previous years. To their dismay, they could not find an exit to this crazy place. Even worse, the world was crawling with Heartless, draining the Heart out of this world and its inhabitants, including Shio and Kosho.

Kairi, now Queen of the Heartless, found Shio and Kosho and offered them a choice of two doors, one leading to a land of Fantasy, and the other to a realm of Sci-Fi. If they and the congoers could raise their Heart levels high enough, Shio and Kosho’s hearts could be restored, and they could leave through the door of their choice. Unfortunately, Shio and Kosho’s hearts were already waning and they could not work together on a door. In the end, however, the congoers were able to raise their Heart levels enough to save the girls!

BUT… Kairi had other plans. She had tricked the girls, and only one congirl would be able to get her heart back. The other was to remain a Heartless, forever! Shio, in her infinite love for her sister, sacrificed her heart so that Kosho could continue on, and have a chance to save her next year in the land of Fantasy.

And with that, Shio was transformed into a Heartless, devoid of soul and her once cheery demeanor. Kairi whisked her away to the Fantasy land, leaving Kosho and the congoers to dwell on their failure.