Kami-Con Season 5 picked up the story from Season 4, where it was revealed that in order to continue their journey of World Conquest, Shio and Kosho would have to defeat Shoyu’s 7 Evil Exes.

His previous owners weren’t going away without a fight, so the congirls enlisted the aid of Kami-Con’s loyal attendees to help them defeat the exes!

Shoyu’s exes never stood a chance.

The congoers trounced the exes. They ate more donuts than Vash the Stampede in the Donut Eating Competition; They beat the legendary Utena at Sparring; They knew MORE TRIVIA than Radical Edward; They beat Yusuke in his very own Dodgeball Competition; They stopped Scanty and Kneesocks from taking over the Rave; and they beat Yugi at his own game during the Closing Ceremonies.

With the exes defeated, Shio and Kosho could now FINALLY continue their plans for world domination!

Right? This time?