Season 4 marked Shio & Kosho’s first attempt at World Conquest, which was foiled before they could even step into the tall grass. Professor Tree stopped them and informed the pair that it would be unwise and irresponsible to let two magical girls go out into the world without a magical animal mascot!

The professor provided the girls a magical spirit egg that could hatch into one of four forms based on otaku spirits— the Shonen Red Bird, the Tsundere Blue Dragon, the Yandere Black Turtle, or the Shojo White Tiger.

The congoers were equipped with Kami-Gotchies, actually just fancy pedometers, which could be used to raise Otaku Spirit Points to be turned in towards the animal mascot of their choice.
In the end, the Yandere Black Turtle won out, and the egg hatched into what is now Kami-Con’s new magical animal mascot, Shoyu!

Now that Shio & Kosho had their magical animal mascot, they could FINALLY step into the tall grass, right??

… Right?

Oh wait. Shoyu had been manifested before. Now the girls had to defeat his 7 Evil Ex Owners.