Kosho returned in full dictator garb to run Season 3 all on her own, having banned Shio from the convention! Alas, with so many dark characters running around everywhere, something bad was bound to happen. Jessie, James, and Aizen made an appearance, representing An Evil Anime-Licensing Organization That Overly Censors its Anime “For Kids”. They had come to censor the convention and have it shut down permanently.

Kosho alone was not powerful enough to stop Aizen, as he had a power level of 8,999. Unbeknownst to her, however, Shio had snuck into the convention disguised as Organization XIII’s Axel. Shio, with Tom from Toonami’s help, devised a plan with her friends to distribute Experience Point stickers to all of the congoers. If the congoers could get Kosho’s power level over 8,999, she would be able to beat Aizen and repel the evil organization!

In the end, the congoers more than managed the amount they needed, and pushed Kosho’s power level to OVER 9000!!!! Kosho defeated Aizen, but learned that a balance of Light and Dark is needed to run a convention, and welcomed Shio back with open arms. Now, they work together to build a fun convention for all!