Shio and Kosho, with the help of YOU the congoers, defeated the alien forces and grounded Shoyu on planet Vidya—a world where the physics, landmarks, and inhabitants have developed into something remarkably similar to the video games we are familiar with here on Earth. 

However, it seems that Shoyu would not be defeated so easily. After crash landing on Vidya, he began to court the local inhabitants of the planet to join him and fight for his cause! With the planet he was supposed to be trapped on becoming a new source of power, it was up to you Kami-Congoers once again to rise to the occasion and help Shio and Kosho stop Shoyu! 

(This seems to happen a lot. Who would have known that having the Spirit of the Yandere Black Turtle for a magical animal mascot would have brought so much drama to Kami-Con? Oh, well!) 

With the help of the congoers, Shoyu only managed to recruit three powerful allies—Ken from Street Fighter, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros., and Link from the Legend of Zelda. Shio and Kosho recruited Ryu from Street Fighter, and Vault Boy from Fallout

These heroes met on the battlefield known as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! It was a truly epic match—and in the end, it was Shio and Kosho who proved victorious! 

His coup having been thwarted, Shoyu agreed to team back up with the congirls to continue their journey through space toward World Conquest! 

Everything should be fine now as long as they don’t all, say, crash their starship into a mysterious beach planet… right?