Tabletop Gaming

Magic the Gathering Booster Drafts (fires on demand with minimum number of players reached)
Demo Board Game Library (games available for check-out with a driver’s license)
TCG Free Play

3:00p Magic the Gathering Pre-Release ($25)
5:00p Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ($5)
6:00p Wixoss Random Starter Deck Tournament ($15)
8:00p Dungeons & Dragons
8:00p Mature Party Games* (Ages 18+)

10:30a Saturday Morning D&D
12:00p-3:00p Miniature Paint & Take ($5)
2:00p Wixoss Diva Bash Tournament ($30)
8:00p Mature Party Games* (Ages 18+)

11:30a Pokémon Build & Battle Tournament ($30)
12:00p Magic the Gathering Pre-Release ($25)
1:00p Last Call for MTG Booster Drafts ($15)

*Party Games such as Cards Against Humanity

Please check in the Tabletop Gaming room for additional events and schedule updates.

Mythic Cards & Games