Cosplay Contest


What can you win? Fame, glory, and CASH PRIZES!!


You’re fairly new to cosplay. That’s okay. But it’s time to prove that you’ve gotten darn good at it! You’re gonna be a winner! A star, baby, yeah!

This isn’t your first time to the rodeo. It’s not your first time at a cosplay contest, either! You’ve been around the block a few times, learned a few tricks, and upped your game. Time to show everyone what you’re made of!

Boom. This is it. The big leagues. You’ve won some. You’ve lost some. You’ve sweat, cried, and bled for your cosplays. They look masterful. They look glorious. And they need to be shown off to a convention of thousands. This is your time. WIN IT.


This is it. The best! You were the BEST in the entire show! Bask in your fame, your glory, and the sweet dollar bills raining down upon you! You are The Best at Kami-Con!

JUDGE'S AWARD x3 |  Trophy
There will be 3 Judge’s Awards! These are like the stars at the end of a Mario Party game– You can win these for anything! No cash prize, but you get a pretty sweet trophy!


Alright, we talked the fun stuff, but with all fun comes a little pain. Here’s the rules. Read, or regret!

A MINIMUM of 65% of the costume must be constructed by the contestant.

The contestant may wear the costume being judged, or a model may wear the costume in the contestant’s place. HOWEVER, the creator of the costume must be present.

Costumes that have won ANY award in any other costume contest are not permitted. (This includes accessory, prop, craftsmanship, judges award, etc.) Failure to follow this rule may lead to expulsion from future Kami-Con cosplay contests.

Pre-Judging is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and entries are VERY limited. Be prepared to stand in line until it is your turn.
(There are multiple lines. The first line is for sign ups, where you will be asked questions to verify that you are within the rules. The second line is for pre-judging. After you are judged by our guest judges, you must return for the costume contest line up located within the main room 30 min before the contest.)

Kami-Con staff are not responsible for any personal items such as bags, wallets, purses, etc. Please leave these items with family or friends.

If you need a handler, please bring a friend with you, as staff may not be available to assist you.

Store-purchased, thrifted, or recycled costumes or clothes will be turned away from the craftsmanship contest.

Thanks guys! And remember to be kind to your fellow cosplayers, be courteous, and most importantly, to HAVE FUN!


Whew, intimidated by the Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest? Me too! This contest is just for fun. No cash prizes, no skill categories, just the love of cosplay and showing off what you’ve got!


JUDGE'S AWARD x3 |  Trophy
This contest is for fun, but we’re not leaving you empty handed! There will be 3 Judge’s Awards! You can win these for just about anything, so just do your best and have fun!


There are only 2 rules.
1) You must be wearing a costume.
2) You cannot be wearing a costume that has already won an award in another costume/cosplay contest.

That’s it! Sign-ups are on a first come, first served basis. Judging will be made during the contest. There is no pre-judging. Spaces are very limited, so try to get in early!

Thanks guys! And remember to be kind to your fellow cosplayers, be courteous, and most importantly, to HAVE FUN!