Convention Foam Fighting

Convention Foam Fighting is a boffer (foam) weapon entertainment group dedicated to bringing the thrill of boffer weapon fighting to anyone and everyone interested in participating. We are an all-ages, all-skill-level event that prioritizes safety, training, and fun. Our group has operated events at conventions around the US and Canada providing convention attendees a unique, physical activity to participate in during the convention weekend. All participants are welcome to play at no additional cost beyond their convention admission fee. We provide all the necessary equipment for participants so they can jump right in and play (veteran fighters bringing their own equipment will need to have the equipment inspected for safety by CFF staff before use).

Epic battles, small skirmishes, tournament style play, training, and more! Our event features a variety of game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Protect the Monarch, all with a drop-in, drop-out play to minimize the wait time to enter the battles. Entertainment is a priority and our charismatic staff makes our goal to ensure every participant walks away with a great story to tell. We work to ensure anyone who wants to play can do so, regardless of age or ability.