Con Story Game

Oh, hello. Almost didn’t notice you there.

You say you’re here for information about the convention story game? Well, yeah I can certainly tell you about that! Pull up a seat. 

No time for a seat, huh? Looking for the spoiler-free story setup and rundown of how the game works? Alright, alright. 

Okay so after Shio and Kosho got into it last year about whether it would work better to fight for this new world they’ve found themselves in using either the power of Love, or the power of Darkness, the congoers chose Kosho’s way of Darkness—hence this year, we’re going with “Darkness Rises” as our theme. 

Now then, Shio might be feeling a bit down about her loss, but her sister and her dark friends may have taken things a bit too far—just because it’s true that Shio has never won one of these competitions with Kosho doesn’t make her weak… does it? 

Well, the congirls aim to find out! They’ve fired up another competition for next year’s theme, and this one is a bit of a doozie. Kosho doesn’t feel that the light of Hope is needed in her realm of Darkness, and wants to take the con to full on Villains next year. Shio, along with her friends—and even some of Kosho’s friends!—maintains that the light of Hope is necessary, is what makes all stories interesting and worth telling, and pushes for Heroes next year. 

So, there you have it folks. Do we have the Heroes persist, proving Hope is most powerful of all? Or do we give things over to despair and Villainy? 

Kami-Con: Heroes -or- Kami-Con: Villains

Where do we go from here?

The Game

When you registered, you received a fabulous Kami-Gotchi™! This remarkable gizmo captures your Otaku Spirit Energy, which you can then use to vote for next year’s theme. 

The Kami-Gotchi™ can be used all weekend long! After collecting points, please visit the Information Desk on the main floor of the convention (here, I’ve marked it on your map for you). Once you turn in all the collected points on your Kami-Gotchi™, it will be returned to you and you may do so all over again! 

Points may be redeemed for one or the other theme for next year’s Kami-Con. You assign your points to whichever you wish, and each time you turn in your points you may choose where you want them to go—you’re not locked into voting the same way every time. Follow your heart. 

Please be courteous and refrain from shaking your Kami-Gotchi™ during speaking panels. The guest speakers may find it rude, and it can make it difficult for yourself and your fellow congoers to hear. Thank you! 

Now go have fun, and show us your true power! 

Kami-Gotchi! Third Edition